ZeeOctober is Back!

No, this blog isn’t abandoned. In the past months, I wrote many entries for this blog but I failed to post it. There’s no reason that can qualify as a valid excuse. I just know that I have many like laziness, lack of time, school, overwhelming situations and the list goes on. My lifestyle during … Continue reading

Liebster Blog Award

I’ve seen blogs who have awards widgets on their sidebars. I’ve always thought that’s very nice. They’re very lucky. It would’ve been nice if I have one too but I don’t dwell on it much. But last week, I got a Liebster Blog Award nomination from Mr. Nino Almendra from http://icookonboard.com/. Thank you so much, … Continue reading

My First Screenwriting Journey

Happy April 1st! Our semester is finally over. It’s summer! Unfortunately, I have to complete the required hours for our On-The-Job training. Bummer! Anyway, my one-month hiatus in blogging was used for completion of requirements for my subjects. I have mentioned that I’m taking a Film Writing class from my January Update. We were tasked to … Continue reading

Million People March

Pork Barrel or Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) is probably the root cause of corruption of government officials. Some are suspected to undertake bogus projects toward non-government organizations (NGOs) to steal money from the national budget. This issue has alarmed every Filipino including the minority groups. Thousands of people trooped to Rizal last Monday, 26th … Continue reading

Testimony of What Remains

Art is a mode of creative expression of humans that comes in many forms. Like my previous post, paintings. Fr. Jason K. Dy, SJ’s exhibit differed from the mainstream. “Testimony of What Remains” featured a collection of bottled objects that are connected to departure of humans. When I entered the Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo located at … Continue reading

For Love of Heritage

Hello, Beautiful People. In movies, we see people going to art exhibits wearing fancy clothes and they just stare on one painting to another. I’m like, “Isn’t that boring?” I discovered, it’s not.  Last month, I viewed Virgilio Aviado‘s, “For Love of Heritage” exhibit at the The National Commission of Culture and the Arts (NCCA) … Continue reading


G’day, netizens! Our assignment for Advertising Strategies class is to pick a product and make an ad using ourselves to endorse it. I picked BlackBerry playbook since I’m into technology. Well, we all are. Here’s what I did. What do you think? :) Bonus photos. Obviously, I’m not skilled in putting stockings. I particularly adore … Continue reading