Urban Music Awards

Many of us root for our favorite singers, artists and bands during music awards like Grammys, MTV Awards, BBMA, EMA and more. What about the local scene? TBH, I don’t know much about new songs or upcoming artists when it comes to OPM. Last Tuesday, I was invited to Wave 89.1’s Urban Music Awards that … Continue reading

Aliwan Fiesta

As part of the culture of the Philippines, people nationwide celebrate various festivals. Fiesta, as we call it. Tourists go to provinces to join the parade, feel the enormous energy, enjoy the colorful beauty of of the feast with the locals. Short on budget and time? You can witness the gathering of Philippine festivals annually … Continue reading

Cool Kids

In case you misunderstand, I/We’re not self-proclaiming. Cool Kids is a song by Echosmith. I saw the MV on MTV while we were here so that’s where I got the idea. An explanation is unnecessary, I know I know. I’m just saying. =) After Maze’s Vanity, I’m now the person behind the camera. Here’s a few … Continue reading

All Hands Beach Resort

Everybody seems to be going to beaches to maximize their summer vacation, us included. I love going to beaches because of the following reasons. 1. Escape. 2. Nature-lover 3. I get to travel. 4. I love swimming. 5. Water is my element. 6. Ongoing list~ That’s why, I’m so glad that my peeps and I went to … Continue reading

Star City ★

Star City is a very popular amusement park in the Philippines. It’s accessible because it’s within Metro Manila that’s why I/we visit almost every year. No field trips during our recent visit so we experienced all of the rides and attractions without waiting forever lining up. \:D/ My  ★ City Buddies (L-R: Cayah, Shane, Angelique, Chelsea … Continue reading

Portrait Shoot at UP Diliman

It’s my first time visiting University of the Philippines Diliman, one of the top universities in the Philippines. The campus gives off a peaceful vibe because of the forestry. The vast area of the grounds required us to ride a jeep to get to other buildings. Loners can do their thing without the judgmental looks from … Continue reading


Like any other fields, photography has its troubles. Some basic examples are budget for the expensive gears, scarcity in ambient light, low confidence level for shooting in public and more. I have had a couple of problems being a novice photographer/photojournalist. Finding a story, harsh deadlines etc. but what bothers me is the public places … Continue reading