Breakfast Buffet

Remember that one time when I blogged about Mandarin Oriental Hotel? Of course, you don’t. Haha. Well, I have. If you want to check it out, click here. This time, I made sure to take pictures of their delightful breakfast buffet. Everything tasted divine! There are cereals, different kinds of tasty pastries that I can’t … Continue reading

Outbox & Cerealicious

For some of us, pigging out is a hobby even though we try hard to hold back because of these four words, “I’M ON A DIET.” Remember, it’s okay to give in from time to time. Eating releases endorphins, a chemical in our brain that makes us happy, so choose to be happy than feel deprived. … Continue reading

Fat Boy’s Pizza, Chowking & Seafood Island

Who loves to eat? WE ALL DO. That feeling when you’re full and your cravings are satisfied, AH HEAVEN. *burp* Excuse me. :) We all know what comes next. (Are we on the same page? You’re not thinking know. Just kidding. Lol) The guilt you’ll feel later because you ruined your diet. Everyday cheat … Continue reading

Copacabana Apartment Hotel

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Here’s another edition of our Suite Life. :) We spent Christmas Eve & New Year’s at Copacabana Apartment Hotel. It is good for families/balikbayans/tourists to stay if you want to spend less than 3-5 star hotels. Good location (5 min. drive to MOA). The room is clean, spacious, has an equipped … Continue reading

Army Navy

Salute~ We visited the new Ayala Mall, The District. There are only a handful of people so it was pleasant to stroll and shop around but before that, we ate at Army Navy. The concept of the interior design is great, plus we’re the only people inside despite of the lunch rush. I think, they … Continue reading

Sizzling Plate & Crazy Crepes

Here’s a delayed post because our internet wasn’t reconnected until today. Gosh! It was my personal rehab. Maaan. Finally, our semestral break is here! *happy dance* Grades aren’t released yet so that’s a bit of suspense but who cares? It’s sembreak, bitches! I’m talking like I’m gon’na party hard but all I’m gon’na do for … Continue reading

7th Anniversary Photography Block Party of DPP

Greetings~ (←Too formal? :) Digital Photographer PH’s 7th Anniversary was held last Saturday at 9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street. As you can see here, there are many attendees (hobbyists, novice & professional photographers). Everywhere I looked, I saw different models of cameras, lenses and actual models Lol. Booths of sponsors like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, New … Continue reading