Outbox & Cerealicious

For some of us, pigging out is a hobby even though we try hard to hold back because of these four words, “I’M ON A DIET.” Remember, it’s okay to give in from time to time. Eating releases endorphins, a chemical in our brain that makes us happy, so choose to be happy than feel deprived. You deserve it. ;)


Before last semester started, I went out with my OJT friends. I went to UPHSD/Perps to pick Christian & Cara up. Cara treated us to Outbox & Cerealicious. Outbox is a restaurant located in BF Resort Village Las Pinas. We ordered their bestseller, Quickie Cheesy Beef and Beefy Nachos. The food is cheap but ’twas great.

IMG_2934 IMG_2951

Our next stop was a few minutes walk to Cerealicious to grab dessert. If you’re a fan of cereals, this is the place to be. I didn’t know that there’s one near my place. You can check out their menu in the photo above. I think it’s cool how they played the names of their cereals with famous movies.

I got “BreakIt Dawn”. It’s a combination of Cocoa Frosties, Kitkat & Cherries. For some, it may taste like medicine or such but it really depends on your taste buds. I liked it though.

IMG_2955 IMG_2962

Cara, Me & Christian caught up, pigged out & laughed hard. Writing this blog post makes me miss them and our mini-gatherings.

IMG_2977 IMG_2983We wrote notes for their message board. :D

I hope this post made you hungry because that means, I’m not the only one. :) Thank you for reading & come back for my future posts.



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