ZeeOctober is Back!


No, this blog isn’t abandoned.

In the past months, I wrote many entries for this blog but I failed to post it. There’s no reason that can qualify as a valid excuse. I just know that I have many like laziness, lack of time, school, overwhelming situations and the list goes on. My lifestyle during the months of July-September was very busy. Every week, I go to four to six cities. I’m not even kidding. I’m never home and when I am, I sleep for a night then go back to sleeping in different houses. It exhausted my allowance and energy. I’m not complaining because imagine that, I’m always in different places which in turn give me exciting and first time experiences. I’m really YOLO-ing.

People tend to ask, “Why?” Again, many reasons that I’m not gon’na bore you with specifics. I don’t mind travelling but spending more than a quarter of your day commuting can make your patience thin. Good thing there’s music to keep me company. And then, there’s interacting with a lot of people. It’s fun because I get to learn from them. I’m not gon’na lie, I get tired. Not being alone in the comfort of your home isn’t good. I believe that everyone needs to be alone from time to time because we need that to connect with ourselves. I treasure my alone-time. Listening to our brains without the distractions and reevaluating to improve is a big help for individuality. I don’t know about y’all but I’m like that.

It was my goal to have a job before I graduate. It is really hard finding a part-time job in my country. I was about to take a full time job but that didn’t work out. I was devastated. But God has always a better plan. Starbucks called me. I passed three interviews. There were still many obstacles but I conquered it. There I was, working as a barista a week before my birthday. I’m genuinely grateful.

I celebrated my 20th birthday with a blast. I’m proud of myself for conquering adolescence. We can all agree that being a teen is fucking hard. There’s a lot of drama. Teens are lost, searching for a place to belong, always thinking that the world is out to get them. Teenhood is a quest of finding one’s self but I don’t think it stops there. We are in constant pursuit for self-discovery.

I want to beat my 16-year old self for being such a brat. Now, I understand what adults were telling me that I shouldn’t rush growing up but I can say that the past me is proud of the “me” right now. I’m happy and I couldn’t ask for more.  I have achieved many things yet I still have so much to accomplish. I’ve neglected some of my routines and responsibilities. Balancing everything is a challenge and I hope that I will continue writing here because I seriously miss it. In the days to come, I will be posting past events that happened to me. I don’t care if it’s long overdue though. :D

Anyway, what’s up with y’all? How are you, my dear blogger friends & readers? I hope everyone’s great. Let’s talk. Comment below or follow me on  Twitter & Instagram. See you on my next post y’all!



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