Real Talk: Fangirlism


Justin Bieber, One Direction, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj are only few of the famous artists who people, mostly, young adults idolize that somehow resulted to obsession. How can I say that young adults are addicted with these personalities? What are the instances that their idolization have gone too far?

Fans purchase their merchandise, attend concerts, fan meets and conventions, dressing up like them, and stalking them like it’s their obligation. Everything that happens to their idols affects them, one way or another. Every single thing they do can make them initially happy or inspired. Their smiles make their days brighter and fueled up for school or work. They can make them cry too when something bad happens to them or because of some unfortunate event.

A fan will go through desperate measures to see these stars. Recently, there was a Filipina directioner who was killed by her father after spending her tuition fee for a VIP ticket. May her soul rest in peace. But if fans, like her, face the reality that their idols are popular and has millions of fans who love and support them as much as she does. Whatever they do for them, idols appreciate, but as a member of their fan club not as an individual. Real Talk: Do these celebrities even know they exist?

They are blinded by their obsession; they don’t notice what’s happening in real life. Staying up late just to get some updates or spazzing that they do not realize that they have a project due tomorrow. They claim them as their own and they even refer them as their baby, boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife who don’t know it yet. Heated discussions happen with other fan girls because none of them would give up. None of them will stop saying “He/She is mine.”

The world doesn’t revolve around them. A dedicated fan be like, “Yes, it does. My world!” Bitch, Please. My world and your world is the same. It’s Earth. You may also be thinking, “What do you know?” I KNOW, OKAY?! I’m one of you. I’m a fangirl. I’m totally proud of that but I’m not hardcore like I was before. I used to sacrifice excessive effort, time, energy, money for these people. There were times I ditched school to go to events and concerts. I acted like a spoiled brat when my parents stopped giving me money for my fangirl needs. I threw a fit here and there until I realized it was time to stop.   These famous personalities aren’t perfect. They have flaws. They also eat, walk, fart and poop like normal people. They are humans, like us.

Fans should never starve themselves to save for a VIP ticket or to buy limited edition supplies because there are things more worth than that. Also, Conventions are held with the aim of camaraderie among fans where they can enjoy and be united at the same time. Respect should always be kept and bashing is pointless because the bottom-line is idols are nobody’s possession.

Only few cases of fangirlism are stated here. I hope that fans see that there are more things in life than dedicating their lives to their idols. There’s nothing wrong with being a fan as long as it’s not overdone. But hey, it’s your life. You do you. ;) I’m just a fan giving a friendly reminder to another. Peace. ✌



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