Bayview Park Hotel Manila


It’s not the end of the perks of working under the right people. My “boss” gave me a keycard for an overnight stay to rest in a comfy hotel room after a long, tiring day.

I want to share it with my co-interns but I can’t bring all of them. It was like I got the Tyra Suite (ANTM Reference) and I can only bring one friend there. I kept it on the low because they might think that it’s unfair. I asked Hanna & Julie to come with me. They were as thrilled as me.


Bayview Park Hotel Manila is located at Roxas Boulevard. There’s no “bay” view from where we were. Just buildings. Lol. The room is fine, cozy. But, the light is too yellow for my preference. I wish I can give a more informative review but my stay was less than 12 hours.

IMG_0533 IMG_0584 IMG_0610 IMG_0631It was unexpected so I didn’t have any clothes to change into but I managed. :D  Follow me on Twitter & IG.



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