Aliwan Fiesta: Production


Roxas Boulevard with no traffic and cars? It’s a miracle! Just kidding. The organizer of Aliwan Fiesta, Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC),  closed the road for the parade. MBC owns a number of radio stations in the Philippines including the Number 1 Radio Station for 12 years, 90.7 Love Radio. I can proudly stay that I was accepted to be a student trainee last month. As an intern, we were given a chance to be part of a big event, Aliwan Fiesta. We were divided into teams so we have different duties to fulfill.


I was requested to assist Ms. Tourism International 2013, Angeli Dione Gomez. She was the host of Reyna ng Aliwan. She won the crown of the same pageant last 2012. I was shy to talk to her but when I found out she’s only 21, we chatted about many things like TV shows, fitness, pageants, even her personal life. Beautiful, sexy, intelligent, nice. Ms. Angie has it all.


Behind-the-scenes: Inside the tent of the Reyna ng Aliwan contestants. :D


This ID is an all-access pass. Well, for some. Interns were not allowed to go beyond the VIP but I was there. You just need to work for the right people. ;) I still can’t get over my “Like A Boss” moments. Front row, Dressing Rooms, Rode a van in a closed road (because we can), went alone to some random places like Aliw Theater below. Pretty cool, right?

IMG_0431 IMG_9663 Despite  the haggardness, I still fooled around backstage. Events are stressful but it’s rewarding when it’s a success. I’m honored to be part of the production of Aliwan Fiesta 2014. I gained many experiences, met different kinds of people, snagged an opportunity and so much more! Am I planning to enter the busy world of events? It’s definitely an option.



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