Aliwan Fiesta


As part of the culture of the Philippines, people nationwide celebrate various festivals. Fiesta, as we call it. Tourists go to provinces to join the parade, feel the enormous energy, enjoy the colorful beauty of of the feast with the locals.

Short on budget and time? You can witness the gathering of Philippine festivals annually at Pasay City. The three-day Aliwan Fiesta occurred last April 24-26 wherein contingents competed in dance parade, float competitions and Reyna ng Aliwan beauty pageant.


I only got few shots of the parade because I was part of the production team. I will elaborate about that fun experience on my next post. However, I was able to watch and cover a live beauty pageant for the first time. I watched beautiful contestants strut their stuff on stage and exude confidence in introducing themselves .

IMG_9387 IMG_9390 IMG_9402 IMG_9407 IMG_9410 IMG_9418 IMG_9428 IMG_9452 IMG_9473

Q & A. Time to test the wit of these lovely ladies. They must’ve felt their hearts thumping so hard while waiting their turn wearing only swimsuits. I gave a round of applause for some of the candidates who answered spectacularly. I’m amazed how they’re able to handle the pressure of being judged not only by the judges but also the spectators. I heard how the audience ridicule a candidate because of her answer. Giver her a break. If you can do better, you should join next time.

IMG_9487 IMG_9504IMG_9568 IMG_9583 IMG_9598

On a heavier note, what’s my take on Beauty Pageants? I don’t want to be narrow-minded and say that it’s demeaning to women. It showcases beauty, brains, camarederie between candidates, promotes goodwill and more. But, know that all women come in sorts of shapes and sizes. I support the anti body shaming movement! :)

IMG_9635 IMG_9677IMG_0471

I’m so excited to view my Aliwan photos when I got home because I think they turned out good but my memory card got corrupted and all the contents are gone. After hours of looking for a recovery software, I found Photorec. It was able to recover ALL my photos! Thank you for the creator of PhotoRec, you’re a genius!

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