Cool Kids


In case you misunderstand, I/We’re not self-proclaiming. Cool Kids is a song by Echosmith. I saw the MV on MTV while we were here so that’s where I got the idea. An explanation is unnecessary, I know I know. I’m just saying. =)

After Maze’s Vanity, I’m now the person behind the camera. Here’s a few photos that I took before taking a dip. #Werk I/They love how the pictures turned out (No Heavy Editing). It’s so summer-y. \:D/

   IMG_2081 IMG_2087 IMG_2154IMG_2217

For group shots, a tripod was used. These are actually our decent group photos. We fooled around a lot inside our room. And, the monochromatic colors of our outfits below was a coincidence. I swear we didn’t plan it and it’s like we read each other’s minds while packing. Weird but cool.


We totally had a blast!

That’s the end of the series of posts about my Subic Trip. Which do you prefer? A longer blog post (All-in-One) or the split/part/series one? I’m curious. Let me know what you think.



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