All Hands Beach Resort


Everybody seems to be going to beaches to maximize their summer vacation, us included. I love going to beaches because of the following reasons.

1. Escape.
2. Nature-lover
3. I get to travel.
4. I love swimming.
5. Water is my element.
6. Ongoing list~

That’s why, I’m so glad that my peeps and I went to Subic! When I was younger, we used to tour around Subic. It is absolutely one of my favorite places in the Philippines. The community maintains to preserve the flora and fauna. You can see monkeys living freely. I yearn for Subic’s fresh air and peaceful way of living.


I’ve been to All Hands Beach Resort before. It was spacious back then. Due to the people coming, they’ve added more Bamboo Huts and Nipa Shed. For our accommodation, we got the family room #8, one queen sized bed and one big double deck bed.

I started taking pictures of the facilities at 6:30-ish. The sun is not fully out yet so the photos are dull. Sorry. :( Lesson learned. ;)


The resort is relatively small but they make up for it with activities like jetski, banana boat, kayak, speed boat, parasailing, bandwagon and flying disc.


The WiFi is not resort-wide. You can go to the beach bar if you want to connect. In fairness, it’s fast. And, the music is blaring ’til midnight.

IMG_2382IMG_2063 IMG_2260IMG_2286

The use of the beach volleyball court is free but bring your own ball.


   If you have more queries, check out their website here. My incoming posts are related to this beach trip so stay tuned, guys! Comment below and follow me on Instagram. I appreciate your feedback.


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