Star City ★

Star City is a very popular amusement park in the Philippines. It’s accessible because it’s within Metro Manila that’s why I/we visit almost every year. No field trips during our recent visit so we experienced all of the rides and attractions without waiting forever lining up. \:D/

IMG_1627My  ★ City Buddies (L-R: Cayah, Shane, Angelique, Chelsea & Me)

Let me tell you something about myself when it comes to theme parks. I love the thrill but I don’t scream. When you see a girl with a pokerface or laughing because of her friends while on a ride, that’s probably me. I go on any ride. The more extreme, the better!

Also, Horror houses are fun! It was amusing when we went inside Gabi ng Lagim (Night of Terror) and Dungeon. My friends were all behind me while holding my arm and shirt. They’re crouched down and we were walking slowly. I’m laughing the entire time despite their fingers digging on my skin.


Smiling for the camera while waiting for our turn to ride the Star Flyer.

IMG_1649My good friend, Chelsea. I’m not sure if she has made an appearance on this blog but I think this is the first time.

IMG_1656Intro? No need. She’s often featured here. Angelique got prettier, right? ;)

IMG_1664IMG_1729 IMG_1715 I absolutely adore this shot that I took inside Peter Pan. (Note: Raw Image) Kudos to the artists/people who made this attraction. Everything was beautiful and magical.


After an enjoyable day, we went home exhausted. We’re aging. Lol. Y’all should visit soon. You can check out Star City’s site here. Btw, follow me on IG!



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