In Summer



Take out your sleeveless shirts, tank tops and shorts because Summer is here. Whew~ The sun is scorching hot! I’m thinking about Olaf’s song, In Summer from Frozen, while writing this thus the title. ;)

Since the semester is over, my friends and I made plans ahead to visit the nearest theme park in our area, Star City. What should I wear? Well, I took into consideration the weather and the happenings that will occur. Wearing skirts and dresses aren’t advisable because I don’t want to be an unpleasant attraction to park goers when I go on rides, do I? Haha.

My amusement park OOTD consists of Burnout Racerbank Tank with matching scarf, Denim Shorts and DC shoes. :D I forgot to bring my sunglasses! I’m squinting see.


IMG_1575Actually, the shirt and scarf coincidentally matched. I had to bring the scarf!

IMG_1567  I never get tired of the golden-hot style of my DC Manteca Skate Shoes. It’s just so cool!


I will blog about the our Star City experience so I’ll see you next time! Meanwhile, follow me on Twitter & Instagram.



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