Olá, Chiquititas!

I’m no brat. Okay, sometimes I am but the title of this blog post was derived from the printed BRAT! on my dress that I put on for Dad’s birthday dinner. It’s loose with fun prints everywhere. I used my gorgeous leather purple bag and floral printed flat shoes. The colorful people on the background sure are having the time of their lives. Lively! Check ’em out. Also, keep scrolling for a confession. :O



Let’s talk hair. Aren’t my voluminous curls pretty? How I wish it’s always like that.

Confession Time: I have damaged, dry and frizzy hair. Yes, I said it. :( Most of the time, it goes to the direction it wants to go. Unmanageable. I have no idea why it came to be because I seldom use heating tools and my hair has never gone intense hair styling/treatment like coloring, perming etc before. I have proven that the weather and thinning scissors are contributing factors. My hair is thick so when I get a haircut they use thinning scissors. It looks okay but when the hair grows out, it looks like a steel wool. I’m lazy to condition all the time and I don’t use hair care products to fix it.

Trivia: I’m a big fan of Ariana Grande and her hair ain’t perfect too. Click here to discover the secret behind her half-up ponytail signature hairstyle. Anywya, I’ll seek a stylist’s help and opinion next time. Let my hair have a mind of its own for now.

IMG_7457 IMG_7459

Do you have hair confessions that you can share with me? Don’t be shy. Bad hair days happen. In my case, its everyday. Lol! You can also tell me simple techniques that I can do to improve my hair sitch. As always, thanks for dropping by. Swing by my TwitterTumblr Instagram.



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