Portrait Shoot at UP Diliman


It’s my first time visiting University of the Philippines Diliman, one of the top universities in the Philippines. The campus gives off a peaceful vibe because of the forestry. The vast area of the grounds required us to ride a jeep to get to other buildings. Loners can do their thing without the judgmental looks from classmates/others. You can easily distance yourself from people. Tempting? It’s an open university so outsiders are welcome. No IDs, interrogations or dress code!


We rode a jeep around the university, a mini UP Diliman tour. After we did what we originally came for, my friends/models-for-a-day prepared for a quick shoot. No fancy lens, reflectors, external flash etc were used in this photo shoot. Only ambient light. No heavy editing, as well.


Girls in Dresses (L-R: Shane & Angelique)

IMG_6813 IMG_6819IMG_6887IMG_6850 IMG_6855IMG_6867

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2 Responses to “Portrait Shoot at UP Diliman”
  1. dapperdolly says:

    I love the picture of you and the statue – very inspiring!

    Plus the pictures of your friends are adorable – love dresses!

    • @zeeoctober says:

      Thank you. :) It’s the university’s iconic symbol.

      Thank you! :D I’ll also tell ’em. Thank you so much for the likes & comments that you left on my posts, btw. Much appreciated!

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