Hello WordPress!

It is I, MAZE, back with an outfit post. It’s been awhile, isn’t it? I do have some pieces that I can post but I still haven’t finished anything yet (as usual) because of school. Cliche excuse? Lol.

Anyway, here I am wearing achromatic colors yet again for running school-related errands like interviewing people for our report in Media Management. Passing paperworks for formality is exhausting. Before I bore you with details, see below for the deets of this  getup.


IMG_6922 IMG_6927IMG_6930

Since the commute is already unpleasant, I kept in mind that the clothing that I’m gon’na wear should be free from stress so I went with a loose shirt, printed leggings and Toms. The weather has been divine last month where I’m from. I like the cold but it’s shifting to the normal weather which is hot and humid. Bleck!

 By the way, I’m still clinging onto the fashion resolution regarding wearing ensembles with more color. Better watch out for posts to come.



After all of that time and energy consuming activities, I had a quick shoot with my friends Shane & Angelique. They look so pretty in their dresses. :) Me? Practicing photography and learning one step at a time.

Off-topic: I’m thinking about changing my theme. Are you a wordpress blogger? Does the layout of your previous posts change with the theme? ’cause if it does, that’s a problem. Any tips and suggestions? I appreciate feedbacks. By the way, for the readers, followers, passerby that take time reading my blog or any post of mine, thank you so much. You make me happy! ;)


2 Responses to “Errands?”
  1. dapperdolly says:

    Very nice casual yet funky outfit with the details and beautiful background photography! Good for you for dressing for your comfort taking into account the commute!

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