Copacabana Apartment Hotel


Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Here’s another edition of our Suite Life. :) We spent Christmas Eve & New Year’s at Copacabana Apartment Hotel. It is good for families/balikbayans/tourists to stay if you want to spend less than 3-5 star hotels. Good location (5 min. drive to MOA). The room is clean, spacious, has an equipped kitchen, balcony where you can view the traffic below.

If you’re looking for a quiet environment, Copacabana is not for you. The noise from honking vehicles and planes (seen from pool) is a disturbance. And, charge for miscellaneous things is pricey. They charge Php 100/hr for WiFi. No Free WiFi! Major drawback.



Diving is allowed in the 12 ft. deep part of the pool. The other side is 4 ft. There’s no lifeguard on duty so the people are swimming at their own risk.

Random: I enjoy poolside chilling as much as I enjoy swimming. ;)




IMG_5353      IMG_5440


Beautiful fireworks lit up the sky when clock struck 12. We said goodbye to 2013 and welcomed 2014 with hope for change. I was sick (still am) so it was a slight hindrance but nevertheless, I’m holding on that 2014 will be great and awesome! How did you welcome the new year? Follow me on twitter.

Prosperity, MAZE


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