Trench, Friends & Bright Lights

 Hello, Dudes & Dudettes.

 2013 is ending, can you believe it? Time flies fast! Was 2013 good to you or do you want 2014 to hasten and take over? Me? I’m not gon’na answer that question. I’m trolling you. Ha! Anyway, here I am making my vacation count. Me & my high school sophomore friends met for a get together. I wore a black sleeveless trench dress with black shoes and to add color, peach & white headband and bag. Cutesy!




DSC_0035 DSC_0100

(Photo Above: L-R) Maze, Jessie, Razel, Bryle, Ronel, Rose

These are my crazy friends that I haven’t seen for a long time but we always pick up where we left off, not to mention the unexpected adventures we do. It’s our thing. :) It’s good to be in a company with my guy friends again because my present course doesn’t have that many. The high femininity level is rubbing off on me. It was so great to see ’em again that I was disgustingly perky. I’m never perky! And, I’m not defensive. Lol.

(Photo Below: L-R) Rose, April, Razel & Maze


The Ayala Triangle Lights and Sound show was spectacular. It was such a waste that I forgot to bring a tripod for a good ‘ol night photography. Maybe next year? Definitely. Follow me on  TwitterTumblr & Instagram. Are you hyped for the new year? I know I am. ;)

Much love, MAZE

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