Give Love on Christmas Day

Happy Birthday to Papa Jesus & Happy Christmas Beautiful People of the World!!

The holiday season is the time of the year when we’re allowed to wear a red and green combination. You won’t be laughed at looking like a christmas decor because it’s December! I liked the idea of breaking a taboo in fashion. :D My outgoing outfit is a plain red shirt, bracelet, bag, shoes and a fern green high waist shorts. If I must say, it was very fun putting all these together. ;)



IMG_5425IMG_5301I got this vintage heart locket necklace from a bazaar. Gotta love ’em bazaars. They’re everywhere! :)


Wishing y’all have a great time spending the rest of the yuletide season from my family to yours.

Let’s celebrate HIS birthday by giving love to our families, friends and to the whole world. Wooot! I hope y’all continue to enjoy the rest of your short vacays. What gifts did you get? Share. :D Follow me on Twitter & Instagram.


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