Like any other fields, photography has its troubles. Some basic examples are budget for the expensive gears, scarcity in ambient light, low confidence level for shooting in public and more. I have had a couple of problems being a novice photographer/photojournalist. Finding a story, harsh deadlines etc. but what bothers me is the public places that prohibit photography. I’ve experienced being reprimanded/shooed because of that reason. I know that photography can be a powerful weapon especially when the media is involved but innocent photographers (like myself) are often taken the wrong way.


I researched beforehand about the historical sites that I’ll visit in Cavite and I depended on the city’s website. Fort San Felipe is one of them. It is located at the compound of the Philippine Navy. Since I know I can’t go inside w/o a permit, I opted to take a picture of the facade of the base. One Navy Personnel caught and yelled at me to stop and get over there. Am I in trouble? He said, I was quick and it’s good that he saw me because apparently, taking pictures is strictly prohibited. A person with a higher position was called to talk to me. He asked me nicely to delete the photo and checked the other photos to confirm if it was deleted. The government is stern to avoid spies, leakage of images that can be used against them and confidentiality reasons.

The same thing happened with a school located in Cavite City. I wanted to take a picture of one of the statue inside even though I’m not sure if it has a historical relevance but I tried anyway because I’m already there (duh). I had to wait for a few minutes because the guards asked the campus head if he will spare me of mere seconds to take a photo but my request was declined. One of the guards told me that it has something to do with the possibility of tarnishing their image.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect the law. I just want to point out that not all photographers/photojournalists have diabolical plans. Photography is also used to express beauty, story and art. It is crucial for documentation and keeping memories. I hope people/organizations lighten up. ;) So, this was the bonus story from my Cavite trip. I know people that can relate to me, are you one of us? >:) If yes, comment below and share! Follow me on Twitter, friends.

Signing off, MAZE


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