Cavite City

Ahoy, Incredible Wanderers!

Let’s have a recap, shall we? We’ve visited two cities of Cavite, Kawit & Imus. For the conclusion of this trip, I’m going to take you to Cavite City, the place where majority of the people can speak Chavacano (Spanish language). The places that I visited have easy accessibility so the the historic island of Corregidor is not included in this journey. Some other time, right? Let’s start!


THIRTEEN (XLLL) MARTYRS CENTENNIAL PLAZA.  Built in 1906 to honor Cavite’s revered martyrs. The remains of six of the martyrs are still inferred in the monument.


It’s nice to walk around the Governor Samonte Park because it’s peaceful in this area with a few people strolling and the surroundings are clean. The City Hall is located at the end of the park.



MILLENNIUM TIME CAPSULE AND MARKER. “The preservation of the contents of the capsule like materials pertaining to the history of Cavite are dedicated to the future generation, in order for them to know, learn and appreciate the role played by Cavite City in ancient and modern times.” – Bro. Ric Alvarez


ANTHEM’S COMPOSER. Julian Felipe was arrested with the thirteen martyrs of Cavite and imprisoned in Fort San Felipe, September 1896. He composed the Philippine National Anthem on 1898.


UNPOPULAR CO-FOUNDER OF KKK. Ladislao Diwa had worked actively under Bonifacio in the Liga Filipina. He headed a branch of the uprising on 1896 under General Mariano Trias. Ladislao Diwa Elementary School was renamed and a statue was erected in his honor.



(Disclaimer: The historical facts stated above came from & description of statues.)

Thank you for coming with me in this tour despite of the delay of this post. I hope y’all enjoyed it. I did. :) Have you been into these places? Tell me all about your experience by commenting below. Speaking of experience, I’m going to share a bonus story on my next post so don’t miss that. Follow me on twitter, guys!



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