Kawit, Cavite

Every country or place has a unique history. This week, I will take you to a tour of historical sites/landmarks from three cities of the province of Cavite. one of the eight provinces that started the 1896 revolution against Spain thus the eight rays of the sun on the Philippine Flag.

First Stop: Kawit, Cavite. The home of General Emilio Aguinaldo, the first president of the First Philippine Republic, is the primary attraction of the province. It witnessed significant events from the past. It is now a museum where you can view the collection and display of objects having historical importance.


It was very unfortunate that they didn’t allow any visitors to go inside the house because it was being cleaned from the aftermath of a flood. Going inside the gate was hard enough, I had to beg earnestly. The answer from the people in charge was a solid NO. But, a very nice lady that was going in took pity on me since I took an effort to go there anyway, I was given maximum of five minutes to take pictures of the backyard. Thank you. :)



I had to ask for directions to get to the Parish of St. Mary Magdalene. Emilio Aguinaldo was baptized in 1869 in this church. Two natives were kind enough to take me here. It’s fascinating when I hear people talk because their Caviteño accent is way cool! Anyway, the church was still closed but the keeper of the keys (Hagrid?) opened it. Heaven-sent? Okay, enough with the jokes. Since there were no people, it was serene and peaceful.

IMG_8705 IMG_8722

General Candido Tirona is the first revolutionary Captain Municipal in the Philippines, defeated the Spanish forces on November 9-11, 1896.

I had a great time photowalking despite of the gloomy weather. To know more about these places, click here. Also, don’t forget to follow me on twitter.  Tune in to my next post for our next stop!



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