In the Philippines, every city/barangay has a feast of its patron saint. It’s called Fiesta. It’s the time of the year when people hang banderitas, gather, celebrate, parade, cook, eat and more. It’s a part of the Filipino culture but I’ve never experienced a single one before though because my family doesn’t participate. We’re anti-social. Kidding!

 Recently, Brgy. Karakol celebrated the feast of Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix of All Grace. I was in luck because I needed a set of pictures for my Photojourn class. It was my first time to witness one. The people are in a very festive mood.







These guys even slowed down, faced me to get their picture taken while whooping from across of the street. They were having a blast.


The lovely women in yellow traditional gowns asked me to post the photos on their facebook group. I forgot the name of the group (my apologies) and I don’t know any of them. I hope they find my blog. (If you do, e-mail me: I will send all the photos. :) Follow me on  TwitterTumblr & Instagram.



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