Korean fashion is definitely in style because of the KPop domination. In terms of fashion, it is a fact that Koreans excel in that department plus their thin frames make different sorts of clothing suit them. I mostly get my inspiration from their style (loose clothing, dresses, blazers & more).

A pale pink crochet dress from Lovely Fish (Made in Korea) is the outfit that I wore when I went to The District. I’ve seen the cuff style of this one from KDramas and it’s really cute. :)



Studded bag from United Colors of Benetton


I got these totes adorbs sunnies  from Saizen. It’s a store where you can buy a variety of imported things from Japan like food, school & office supplies, home & kitchen equipment and many more for only Php 88! Isn’t it awesome? 

It’s great to discover places where you can buy great finds for a very low costs. Do you have any suggestions? Comment below & don’t forget to follow me on  Twitter & Instagram.


8 Responses to “Crochet”
  1. lovelyjandl says:

    That’s cute. oh I love kpop and kdramas too. And they do have great style. :)

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