Sizzling Plate & Crazy Crepes

Here’s a delayed post because our internet wasn’t reconnected until today. Gosh! It was my personal rehab. Maaan. Finally, our semestral break is here! *happy dance* Grades aren’t released yet so that’s a bit of suspense but who cares? It’s sembreak, bitches! I’m talking like I’m gon’na party hard but all I’m gon’na do for three weeks is to sit in front of my laptop and do things that I think is productive. Yolo, right? And, no allowance. FML.

Anyway, for our last day, we decided to satisfy our bellies. Sizzling Plate & Pinoy Toppings were our dinner choices and Crazy Crepes for dessert.



Stuffed Squid (Php 130) 


Beef Tapa (Php 85)


(L-R: Cayah, Angelique & Maze) Let’s eat!

IMG_0432Is there a dress code or something? Weird coincidence.

IMG_0452CRAZY CREPES. Left: Mango Cookies & Cream (Php 110) Right: Mango Choco (Php 95)

IMG_0468 IMG_0472I adore crepes! I’m a fool for confections. Blame my sweet tooth. I’m even eating Jellybeans right now. 


So far, my break is going smooth (starting now because Internet’s back). Resting is such a good thing. :) My upcoming post will be about the dress that I wore on this post so stay tuned. I will blog more often because I finally have time. Yay! Meanwhile, follow me on TwitterTumblr & Instagram. :)

See you, MAZE


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