Manila Zoological And Botanical Garden

For Php 20 (Manilans)/ Php 40 (Non-Manilans), you & your friends/family can go to Manila Zoo to see 800+ animals. During Elementary School field trips, it is always in the itinerary. Why not? During this period, we are taught about the animal kingdom so It’s better to see them in person than to stare on textbooks/videos. These majestic creatures are very fascinating.

But, somehow, I find getting animals from their natural habitat, locking them up in small cages, giving them food instead of hunting, robbing them the right to live normal very cruel. They are not in their best shape. They seem sad. It’s evident. Such a pity. :( I hope their plans of renovating & improving the zoo would be successful so they could give the animals the proper treatment they deserve.

Anyway, here are few photos from our recent trip.


The elephant, Mali, is the star attraction.




IMG_9747IMG_9752These turtles are very fun to watch! 



Here’s the big boss, he’s huge compared to the others. Apparently, he/she is not camera shy. :P

IMG_9793Me & my friends went boating for 30 minutes for only Php 60. Very relaxing~

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2 Responses to “Manila Zoological And Botanical Garden”
  1. ninoalmendra says:

    Nice photos Maze, I enjoy your tour.
    I might include Manila zoo to my family iterenary this coming vacation of mine.

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