Million People March

Pork Barrel or Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) is probably the root cause of corruption of government officials. Some are suspected to undertake bogus projects toward non-government organizations (NGOs) to steal money from the national budget.

This issue has alarmed every Filipino including the minority groups. Thousands of people trooped to Rizal last Monday, 26th of August of 2013, to join, partake, and get involved with the Million People March, an advocacy campaign to abolish the said fund. They also demand proper liquidation and investigation of the recent P10-billion pork barrel scam should be completed as soon as possible.

IMG_9046MASS OUTRAGE. Thousands of Filipinos gathered at Quirino Grandstand to rally about the graft-tarnished pork barrel fund.

IMG_8984TRIGGERED ANGER. People are enraged at the stealing politicians. Through this historic event, they are hoping to redeem what’s rightfully theirs.

IMG_8986CONCEALED FACES. Some wore masks & held signs demanding the abolition of Pork Barrel.

IMG_9110STRUGGLING TAXPAYERS. Police estimated that almost 100,000 gathered while thousand more held mass action in other places because this concerns the whole Filipino people.

IMG_9018CLEAN THE SOCIETY. “Alisin ang Pork Barrel at ilipat siya sa serbisyong panlipunan.” Abe of Student Christian Development of the Philippines from PUP Manila.


DEFLECTING PUBLIC RAGE. The Aquino Administration promised to reform the system & they will make those who stole from the fund accountable.


LIES REAPER. Netizens dismiss the President’s statement to reform the pork barrel system, saying his merely renaming PDAF.


NEXT GENERATION. Parents are hoping that the youngsters will grow up in a country free of corruption and they will get the financial aid they deserve.

IMG_8982BIKERS CLUB. Joel Joaquin, President of the San Mateo Bikers Club, said that almost hundred of their members joined the Million People March because they want the Pork Barrel to be abolished.


IMG_9086CLAD IN WHITE. The Million People March was held on National Heroes Day, not only celebrating the heroism of our classic heroes but the diligence of our taxpayers.

IMG_9135EUPHONY COMMUNICATION. Traditional musicians performed to be heard, hoping to put an end to the development “projects” of lawmakers funded by the Pork Barrel.

IMG_9171NATION’S FAITH. Filipinos voicing out for a change, leading platform for social change, empowering anyone, anywhere to start petitions that make a difference.

IMG_9149CONCERNED TEEN. Maki Pulido interviewing a protester’s notion about the multi-billion peso pork barrel scam.

IMG_9157ONE BIG FIGHT. Even journalist, field reporter, and news presenter, Doris Bigornia, supports the movement.

IMG_9182JUAN-A CHANGE. Mae Paner, actress, wore a pig mask, wig and a barrel around her body as her unique stand to join the Filipinos outcry.

IMG_9174 SOCIAL MEDIA FUELED. Demand for protest began through facebook & twitter by concerned internet citizens.

IMG_9210NO TO PORK.The population wrote opinions on Mabuhay Restop’s Freedom Wall.

These photos are from the documentation case for our Photojournalism class. I’ve never been to gatherings like these so it’s amazing to see/talk to people who have something to say. They’re dedicated to make a change. They want the government to know that they’re the “boss” and politicians are just civil servants so they should give the people what they deserve. To these corrupt politicians, “STOP STEALING! Feed the mouths of the hungry and listen to your people.”



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