Testimony of What Remains

Art is a mode of creative expression of humans that comes in many forms. Like my previous post, paintings. Fr. Jason K. Dy, SJ’s exhibit differed from the mainstream. “Testimony of What Remains” featured a collection of bottled objects that are connected to departure of humans.

When I entered the Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo located at the 4th floor Right Atrium of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), a litany is heard inside the small gallery where these recollected memories were displayed. A sad feeling course inside me while looking inside the bottles and photographs.


IMG_8530IMG_8516Outside the gallery, I had the opportunity to write a message for my deceased dog, Lucca_Chi and put it inside one of the bottles along with other prayer requests.

IMG_8540Honestly, I’m not scared of death because it’ll come eventually. I’m curious about the process and after life. It scares me though, when I think about the people I love to pass away. Family, friends, classmates, acquaintances, living beings that I cherish to leave the physical world without warning. It’s heart-breaking. Thinking about that the future, there’s still so much to do, so many sights to see and they have so much in store for the time yet to come. Worries aside, we should just live life to the fullest with the people we love.

Peace & Love, MAZE 


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