Light Trails

Howdy, Friends!

On a rainy midnight, we went to Mall of Asia carrying a camera and a tripod wearing school uniforms. It was a conspicuous way for experimenting with shutter speed. I know it was dangerous but the unforgettable experience was exhilarating. Check out the outcome below.


My favorite photo, not because of the lights though but look at the sky. I’m fascinated. :) I should try astrophotography but I’ll get to that when I can afford the mega expensive gears. Photography ain’t cheap.

 IMG_6816IMG_6803The Prism Plaza building actually changes its fluorescent colors from time to time.


I’m not sure I’m doing leading lines right but the glow on the wet road made this picture better on my perspective.

I like how these light trails came out even though it would’ve been better if we went earlier for a busier road. I’m a noob but I’m absolutely loving night photography. I can imagine myself photographing awesome places overseas like the big apple, Singapore, France, UK and many more. ᵕ‿ᵕ

Dream on, MAZE

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