✿ Floral

Sup? :)

So, I stated that I’ll try to deviate from dark color schemes when it comes to outfits (in case you missed it, click here). So here I go! I wore this last Thursday, Cinemalaya. This ensemble consists of a floral print dress perfectly partnered with a pair of floral print shoes.




Actually, I’m wearing a dress underneath which explains the tutu skirt. Weird, huh? I thought it needed a little bit of edge. >;) I accessorized with a pink mustache necklace (like a sir:{D) and a vintage flower metal bracelet with brown gems.

IMG_6944  IMG_6946IMG_6959  Le friends. (L-R: Caamz, Me, Chelsea & Angelique)

IMG_7160 Le friends 2. Haha (L-R: Chelsea, Vielka, Me & Angelique)

By the way, midterm week is here. :( I have a Politics & Governance test tomorrow. Wish me luck!See you soon, peeps!

<3, MAZE


2 Responses to “✿ Floral”
  1. Great outfit, I love that the skirt has tulle!

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