Cinemalaya 2013


Hey, fellow film buffs!

Fact: I love watching films of different sorts.  I have a farfetched dream of working in the film industry someday, hollywood perhaps. Haha.  But, deviating from mainstream are the low-budget indie films. Today marked the end of the Philippine Independent Film Festival, Cinemalaya. I watched Ekstra (1/5 Directors Showcase Category) & Instant Mommy (1/10 New Breed Category). These two films made the audience laugh out loud but (spoiler alert!) they didn’t have happy endings; which is good. One attribute of the independent filmakers is they can experiment, fail normal expectations and defy censorship.

IMG_7107 IMG_7108

I don’t have anything against mainstream actors & actresses that invaded the indie scene because they attract the market (as you can see below) and Vilma Santos won the Best Actress award for her first indie but it would’ve been great if they gave unknown people a chance to showcase their talents.



I wanted to watch more but lack of time didn’t permit. I had fun like last year and I’m excited for next year.I’ll post the outfit that I wore so stick around :)



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