BE GRATEFUL. A lesson that I got (again) when I took these for my photojournalism class. People are such ungrateful pricks (including myself) that we can’t see that when we have what we need, we don’t have any right to whine. We are blinded by jealousy, envy and gluttony. When we don’t have what we ‘want’, we think we’re not happy and we’re miserable. I know I don’t have a right to preach but I want to show you a photo essay that will slap you in the face, HARD. (I got one myself).









It was very dear experience. Shooting random people in different places and angles. They’re even smiling at me and asking to take their photo. Thank you to all the people that let me click away. I wish you great health and abundance. God bless you!

I didn’t put the original cutline underneath every photo. Give meaning to it on your own perspective but if you wish to see it, click here. I created a blogspot account (it’s preferable because we have to pass our works via blog) solely for my Photojourn class. I would’ve used this one but I didn’t want to because actually no one I know knows about this blog. The irony, right? But I’m reposting here. It’s not my usual wordpress watermark though.

Why haven’t I posted for almost three weeks? I’ve been obsessing about Harry Potter. Yes, I’m a potterhead late bloomer. I read and watched/rewatched all the movies. Hail J.K Rowling for her brilliant imagination! I meant to write a blog about it but school is getting in the way of my Harry Potter obsession too. :( I’ve been spamming/reblogging at Tumblr though. Very creative and pretty GIFs.

Cheers, MAZE


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