Amber’s & Red Ribbon

Hi Peeps. So my Tita (Aunt) Zita turned 49 yesterday. <:P We gave her a mini celebration by buying her these money-saving foods.


Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Dedication Cake Php 690 (good for 16-20 persons) The first time my name is written in frosting for someone. :D I ate it, my name. The taste ain’t different than the other parts of the cake, DUH! =)))

Now, let’s talk about Amber Golden Plate Restaurant (1324 Filmore corner Emilia Sts., Brgy. Palanan, Makati City). They have 6 more branches. I recommend Amber’s if you want affordable & pleasant-tasting food. When you have friends/relatives over and you don’t have the luxury of time to cook or shop for ingredients, you can call their delivery hotline (884-8888 / 239-5000). Click here for their take-out menu.


(Chicken Lollipop Php 19/piece) My fave. Tastes just right and crispy.


BEST SELLER: The Original Pancit Malabon (Php 330/good for 5 persons) You can also try their other best seller, Pichi Pichi!


Pork BBQ (Php 20/stick)


(Fried Lumpiang Shanghai – Php 8/piece) I’m not feeling this one though.


Here’s our pretty birthday aunt~ :)

Ciao, MAZE (Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram)


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