SMDC Sea Residences


Photo Diary: Swimming at SMDC Sea Residences


Pretty smiling faces~ :D Btw, me & my cousins have a thing for games.We played Sturdy Horse and Mighty Rider (one person sits on the shoulder of her partner and tries to dislodge the other rider from her partner) & Coin Toss (tossing one peso coin within the pool and the first team that finds it wins)

We have 2 teams. 3 for each. Our team names are Team-Ba (parody for the Filipino word “Timba”, meaning Pail) & Team-Ang (“Timang” translated to stupid)


Team-Ba (L-R: Me, Ate Kath & Angel) We nailed the first game w/ the score of 3-1. \:D/

IMG_5742Team-Ang (L-R: Ana, Leila & Jane) Fine. They won the coin toss game. with the close score of 9-8. We had a tie breaker. :<


This concrete jungle view made me feel a little bit sentimental. :D Follow on Twitter & Tumblr.

Hugs, MAZE

2 Responses to “SMDC Sea Residences”
  1. ninoalmendra says:

    Nice to see you’re really fine after what happen to you on your previous post.
    Nice Band-aide BTW! :D

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