French Baker

Happy April 1! :D I didn’t troll anybody today. Did you? Btw, how did you spend your April Fools Day? Me, I started my C25K plan, got my braces adjusted, went malling, bra shopping. Lol. So anyway, my older sisters and mom chose to eat mid-afternoon snack at French Baker. Check out these tasty baked goods & dessert~

IMG_00000111   18-inch White Sauce Carbonara Pizza – Bacon, Mozzarella Cheese, Basil (Php 130)


 Cheese Parisienne or simply Ensaymada (Php 130) I highly recommend this. It’s the BEST ensaymada that I have tasted.


IMG_00000115Brownies? Lol. (Php Free/IDK)


Banana Split (Php 160) Strawberry & Chocolate Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Bananas, Almonds & Mini Brownie Chunks underneath. It’s no different Banana Split though.

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