Dealing with Braces


All things stated here are based on my experience. It’s different from each person because we have different cases. This may or may not happen to others. I got my braces on for three months now. :D My case: Upper teeth: Overcrowded. Lower teeth: Gap


Upsides of Braces

• Braces align and straighten teeth for that million dollar smile that people always want.

• Picking different colour every adjustment. Haha.

• They said I look nicer. I live in the country where having braces is a thing. It’s just sad that some people want to have them for an accessory, not for its purpose. Do yourself a favor, if it’s not advisable; don’t have ‘em especially the cheapest offers. You get what you pay for, Honey.


Downsides of Braces

• Food ALWAYS gets stuck on the brackets, wires and in between teeth making them prone to plaque and cavities so you really need to brush more often.

• The poking of the wires in your gums hurts and scars. There’s a dental wax for it though. Works like a charm.

• A trip to your orthodontist every three weeks for adjustment.

• It’s expensive. ;(

• It takes time to getting a hang of. The friction of the brackets and gums, weird. Speech is going to stammer too. Likely, you’re gon’na have an s-syndrome for a while.

• The first three weeks, this may sound gross but when I sleep, I suddenly wake up at night more often because my mouth is wide open and I’m drooling. I think it’s because my “bite” is still not used to it but it’s fine now.

• Mouth’s sore after adjustments.

• The need to avoid soft drinks/sodas because the acid may affect the attachment of the brackets but the use of straw is allowed.

• The detaching of brackets is irritating. It just hangs on the wire and moves.

• But what I hate the most, not being allowed to chew gum. It’s pretty much self-explanatory why. Before I go to school, I always chew gum. It was really a bummer for me.


What are the things that need to be done before having braces?

The dentist will fix the decayed teeth by tooth filling, etc. Extraction, if needed but I think they may extract even when you have braces on. ;) Idk. I’m not a dentist. You will be required to give a panoramic x-ray of the mouth for the assessment and things like that.

What did it felt when it was installed?

It doesn’t hurt when I’m speaking or my mouth is steady, I like how teeth feel compressed but I literally can’t eat. I went straight to my orthodontist straight from class so I only ate a burger on the way there. Biggest mistake. I should’ve eaten everything hard, chewy etc. because my eating went back to normal after 2 weeks. That two weeks were filled with liquid diet. Noodles, mashed potatoes, soups, congee, fruit shakes and soft foods. I got tired of it. I felt like I was punished and I lost weight. I ate unhealthy. When I see others eating like there’s no tomorrow, I envied them.

What hurts more/most?

Before installation, my orthodontist put four separators (those little suckers). It made me weak (No kidding). It’s a rubber used to put spaces in between teeth before braces are established.

How long did the installation take?

Three hours.


One more thing, I got this orthodontic kit after the installation.

1. Orthodontic Kit
2. Dental Mirror
3. Ortho Toothbrush – Soft bristles and wears out faster than normal toothbrushes
4. Travel Toothbrush
5. Proxy Brush – It’s like a toothpick for braces. =)))
6. Timer – You need to brush at least 2 minutes.
7. Dental Wax – Originally, it has 5 sticks of wax. I only have 1 and a quarter less left.
8. Dental Floss
9. Dental Floss Threaders – designed to assist you in threading dental floss so these areas can be cleaned.
10. Interbrush – cleans in places that are difficult to reach. This isn’t inlcuded in the kit but I bought it anyway. Very useful. Though I’m not sure if it’s called Interbush.

I still don’t know how long I’ll need to keep my braces on but I’ll post an update when that happens. :) Follow me on Twitter & Tumblr. Thanks for reading!



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