Enchanted Kingdom


Hello Dearies!

For a year now, me and my friends have been planning to go to Enchanted Kingdom. After all the hindrances, we finally went through with it. When we arrived, plenty of people are already there and it kept increasing until the day progressed which made it less enjoyable. The waiting time for the line is way longer than the ride itself. (Note to self: Don’t go on weekends. The entrance fee costs more too.) The attractions that we were able to experience are Anchor’s Away, Space Shuttle, Rialto ( Journey 2), Flying Fiesta, Rio Grande, 4D Discovery Theatre (Road Runner Show), Jungle Log Jam, EKstreme Drop Tower, Wheel of Fate and Grand Carousel.



My friend, Henie. Our faces when we rode the flying fiesta, being a kid again. :) By the way, I really love my galaxy pants. :D


Eldar, the wizard and the princess were leisurely walking around the park.


Brooklyn Place. They built a mini town designed after Brooklyn, New York. It’s so cool. Kind’a like what I see in movies. :”>

IMG_1985(L-R: Shane, Maze, Henie & Cayah) After the Rio Grande ride, Cayah soaked most. Haha.

IMG_2036(L-R: Angelique, Cayah, Henie Shane & Maze) Complete Group Photo


Spoiler Alert: it’s a real person. LMAO.


We really had fun in this twinkle town and I hope we come back soon. :D Have you been to EK? What’s your fave ride?  Let me know. ;) Click: TwitterTumblr & Instagram.

Love, MAZE


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