Mall of Asia has a seaside amusement park, various seafood restaurants, bars, food stands etc where you and your family can enjoy. Crowded but you’ll have fun because you can hang around with friends, sit there by the bay, revel the view for free. Here’s my photo diary of last night’s seaside family affair and a brief review of some of the restaurants we went for repletion.


For dinner, we tried Giligan’s Island Restaurant and Bar. I love what they did to the place. So pirate-y. Even though I can’t state every single food we ordered (because I don’t want to pelt y’all w/ too much blabbering), I don’t have anything bad to write because since I had braces, I think this is the first time that I ate gluttonously. Lol. I love their Sinigang na Baboy. Helped me a lot with the chewing.

IMG_0109 IMG_0112 IMG_0123

NEXT STOP: Iceberg’s


If you have sweet tooth like me, I recommend this place for you. I ordered Chocolate German U-boat Banana Split, tastes like heaven. Likewise to the Strawberry Parfait and Chocolate Chips Parfait. ♥

IMG_0180 IMG_0181 IMG_0182

Obviously, this kid is very happy wtih her treat. :) By the way, OOTN below.


’em Grown Ups went for a drink at Padi’s Point. Meanwhile, we tried these water zorb balls. Human Guinea Pigs? ROFL. It’s fun but tiring. You stand, run, fall and repeat. It’s nice to lie down too. Relaxing~


MOA is very accesible so you may notice that I’m/we’re frequently there. If you have something to share about same experiences, comment below :) Follow me on TwitterTumblr & Instagram. Thanks for dropping by!




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