Jay Park’s FreshA!R:Breathe!T


Okay. I know I’m a little late on hearing Jay Park’s FreshA!R:Breathe!T mixtape but damn boy, why are you so hot? First, I was a little startled in hearing the lyrics since I’m used to the conservative music of KPop but I thought, this is the real Jay and I LOVE IT!! The six songs are in english and he posted it for free! How generous of him. ♥

I have always loved Jay Park since 2PM. I would’ve liked it if he stayed but unlike then that he was following some standards, he’s just having a good time with his music with JWalkerz by his side. (If you’re a JWalker, put your hands in the air!) The music is so american hiphop. With all the cussin’ and sexin’ but IDK, it’s not offending. Jay’s voice is so sexy! He also wrote all six songs. :D Was he horny while he wrote those? Loool.

My favorite song would be “Do What We Do” and “BODY2BODY”. Anyway, download it here or click the photo above to listen on his youtube playlist. \m/ I’m currently raping the replay button.:D



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