Meet Lucca_Chi~


Hey y’all. Meet my handsome 6-month old chihuahua, Lucca_Chi! He’s very smart. I trained him to sit, down, stay and kiss. ㅋㅋㅋ Well, he learned the kiss by himself. :”> Also, I didn’t put much effort in potty training because he is very disciplined when it comes to his business so he eliminates in his crate. I absolutely adore him. He’s been with us since he was three months old. ❤

I remembered that I downloaded Cesar Millan Mastering Leadership Series to know the proper way of raising a dog. We applied some but not all. I have proven that the energy from the humans have a large effects on dogs (e.g: baby talking). I used to talk to my past dogs (bless their souls) in a high pitched voice and that’s absolutely wrong so I don’t do it w/ Lucca. Rules, boundaries and limitations are applied. Lucca doesn’t go past the back door and the bathroom because he knows he’ll be in trouble but sometimes, he also makes mistakes and hardheadedness comes now and then.

What we’re frustrated about is his ears. Why don’t they just stand for crying out loud?! Sometimes they stand, one stands and one flops (as seen above) or both are hanging like a hound’s ears. His siblings’ ears are both erected already. Aigooo~ But we still have hope. PLEAAAAAASE. That’s why I call him Dobby at times. Remember the house elf from Harry Potter? Their ears have a significant similarity. LOL.

For a week from yesterday, he’s being medicated with some skin cream for his spots and I hope he’ll heal right away. :) Follow him on twitter: @Lucca_Chi.



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