Before 2013 arrived, I have thought of creating my own blog but still decided not to because of the following reasons:

1. I already have a blog on Tumblr (follow me ㅋㅋ) but when creating blogs there, I mean personal ones with the writing and all, it looks messed up on one’s dash.

2. Why bother creating a blog when there are millions out there?

3. And if I did, I don’t know if I can maintain it because of school (bleck).

And I said to myself, WHY NOT? I remembered my past blogs on myspace, friendster and multiply but since those social networking sites are different now, the blogging stopped. I missed writing blogs. Also, last year, I was kind of a misanthrope. I disliked reading/seeing too much thoughts from others that I decided to take a total week off the internet. It was refreshing! Y’all should try it. I realized that I’m not doing this for others, this is for me (DUH! It’s my blog anyway) and maybe some people would stumble here once in a while and I hope you may pick up a thing or two in my online refuge. :)

Why wordpress?

I was actually looking for best blogging sites and finally chose wordpress because it looked elegant. Haha. It just is, okay. =)) Since I’m a total noob here, I was perplexed with why my installed theme doesn’t look like it. AT ALL. And discovered that you can eventually add your personal touches everywhere. Cool. Im’ma get a hang of this sooner.

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