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Outbox & Cerealicious

For some of us, pigging out is a hobby even though we try hard to hold back because of these four words, “I’M ON A DIET.” Remember, it’s okay to give in from time to time. Eating releases endorphins, a chemical in our brain that makes us happy, so choose to be happy than feel deprived. … Continue reading

ZeeOctober is Back!

No, this blog isn’t abandoned. In the past months, I wrote many entries for this blog but I failed to post it. There’s no reason that can qualify as a valid excuse. I just know that I have many like laziness, lack of time, school, overwhelming situations and the list goes on. My lifestyle during … Continue reading

Night Fury

What’s up, everyone? Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon 2 yet? Yes? No? Why not?! Haha. I’m not gon’na spoil or anything but it was awesome. I watched its advance screening at Robinson’s Galleria last week. Anyway, time for a movie day OOTD. Black again? DUH. I’ll stop wearing black when they invent … Continue reading

Real Talk: Fangirlism

Justin Bieber, One Direction, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj are only few of the famous artists who people, mostly, young adults idolize that somehow resulted to obsession. How can I say that young adults are addicted with these personalities? What are the instances that their idolization have gone too far? Fans purchase their … Continue reading

Urban Music Awards

Many of us root for our favorite singers, artists and bands during music awards like Grammys, MTV Awards, BBMA, EMA and more. What about the local scene? TBH, I don’t know much about new songs or upcoming artists when it comes to OPM. Last Tuesday, I was invited to Wave 89.1’s Urban Music Awards that … Continue reading

The Internship

Summer 2014 marked the period of our Practicum Training. Same as looking for a job, it is quite hard if you don’t have connections in the industry. You better find a good company because it’s where you’ll taste a piece of the real world. First week of April came; I made up my mind to … Continue reading

Mandarin Oriental

Our room is desperate for housekeeping. Just woke up. Sorry not sorry. Lol. I’m back to the Suite Life again. We’ve stayed at Mandarin Oriental Hotel twice already. What can I say? It’s a five star hotel so you can expect excellent facilities and superb service. The lobby, lounge, restaurants and more have the feel … Continue reading